7 Inch Abrasive Cut-Off Wheel

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Specifications: 7 Inch (180mm) x 1/16” Inch (1.8mm) x 7/8 Inch (22.2mm), Compatible with all angle grinders with 7/8 Inch arbor hole (22.2mm), 8,500 RPM 80 M/S Max, (EN12413, ISO 9001, ANSI B.71 Standard). Ideal for cutting all ferrous metal, iron, steel, tube, pipe, and light gauge material like sheet metal, etc.

Sidco Supply’s high-performance 7-inch Metal Grinder Cutting Discs are expertly designed to enhance the precision and efficiency of your grinding operations. Crafted using aluminum oxide abrasive grit with a fiberglass weave reinforced bonded formula that provides safety and outstanding performance. Made to revolutionize the way you tackle cutting tasks, delivering exceptional performance, longevity, and unmatched precision. Whether you are working with metal, steel, or Stainless Steel, this angle grinder blade delivers consistent results, making it ideal for DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Premium Aluminum Oxide Construction: Our blades are meticulously crafted using top-grade aluminum oxide, renowned for their exceptional hardness and durability. This ensures a longer grinder blade life and consistent performance, making it a cost-effective investment.

Precision Cutting: Engineered with precision in mind, our Aluminum Oxide Angle Grinder Cutting Wheel ensures clean, accurate cuts every time. Say goodbye to jagged edges and rough finishes. Our grinder blades provide clean and precise cuts with minimal burrs or rough edges. This level of precision is vital for achieving seamless welds, strong joints, and superior finished products.

Built to Last: Our abrasive angle grinder blades are crafted from aluminum oxide grain with double fiberglass mesh reinforcement coated in our resin bonding formula. Whether it is the occasional project or constant abuse in a shop setting these cut-off wheels are ready for the grind.

Applications: Our cutting wheels are perfect for fast, clean cutting in carbon steel, stainless steel, pipe, iron, copper, and other ferrous metals. Safety Tips! Always wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) including safety glasses, a face shield, hearing protection, gloves, and a long-sleeved shirt. This gear helps shield you from sparks, debris, and potential hazards.

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