J Bolt Gate Hinge – 5/8” – Adjustable Weldable Hinge – Ball Bearing- Heavy Duty

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Size: 2PK
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Specifications: 5/8”(15.88mm) J- Bolt, 5”(127mm) Threaded Arm, Thick .38”(9.66mm) Welding Plate, 2” x 1” Barrel Hinges (50.8mm x 25.4mm), ¼”( 6.34mm) Grease Nipple

Don't compromise on quality or settle for anything less than the best. Sidco Supply’s 5/8” Adjustable Weldable Heavy Duty J Bolt Gate Hinge is here to simplify your gate installation experience. Crafted with precision and durability in mind, this heavy-duty barrel hinge is designed to provide unmatched performance and reliability, ensuring that your gate remains secure, functional and adjustable for years to come.


J Bolt Weldable Gate Hinge Details:

Heavy duty: Gate hinge constructed from high-grade steel, the Weldable J-Bolt Adjustable Gate Hinge is built to withstand the toughest weather conditions, ensuring the longevity of your gate’s functionality. It can effortlessly support even the heaviest gates, providing stability and peace of mind.

Adjustable design: J-Bolt mechanism allows for easy vertical adjustment, enabling you to fine-tune your gate's alignment effortlessly. Whether you're dealing with uneven ground or need to accommodate slight variations in gate size, this hinge provides the flexibility you need for a seamless installation.

Smooth operation: pre greased and equipped with a robust ball bearing system, this gate hinge ensures smooth and silent operation every time you open or close your gate. The high-quality ball bearing reduces friction, preventing wear and tear on the hinge, and contributing to the overall longevity of your gate.

Easy Installation: with its user-friendly design, installing the Adjustable Gate J Bolt Hinge is a breeze. The hinge comes with a .38” thick baseplate ready to weld, simplifying the setup process. Additionally, detailed instructions are provided online to guide you through each step, making it suitable for both DIY enthusiasts and professional installers.

Versatile Applications: This gate hinge is perfect for various gate types, including wooden, metal, or vinyl gates. Its adaptable design ensures compatibility with a wide range of gate sizes, making it an ideal choice for residential, commercial, or agricultural applications. Specs: 5/8” J- Bolt, 5” Threaded Arm, Thick .38” Welding Plate, 2” x 1” Barrel Hinges, ¼” Grease Nipple

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